Wednesday, 11 July 2012

i-Tech W3200 information

I've recently came across a 32" touchscreen from i-Tech, model W3200. I didn't have the fortune of receiving an install CD with it, and finding drivers or information on-line was quite difficult. Here is what I gathered however, and how I eventually found out the proper drivers.

i-Tech Model:W3200

32" High Brightness Sunlight Readable Behind Window Display HB LCD, 1100 Nits

32" W3200 (1100nits)

Made up of:
1.) eGalaxTouch controller?

Why did the instructions tell me to do this?!
1.) a visualplanet Touchfoil

If the shortcut on the desktop fails:
Point it to: /Applications/Touch screen?????/MMA9Launch

If the driver fails to run:
On mac, make sure you are using Java RTE 10.7: Applications/Utilities/Java Preferences

Selecting the drivers: ???????? Where is that bar-code?!

2.) Realtek LCD monitor controller monitor
    -Thankfully no drivers necessary!